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Terms & Conditions


The below document is a detailed mention of all the terms and conditions of LiveTech Support 4U. It will help you understand our undoubted commitment towards all our clients. We will only approve your registration with us, if you agree with all our terms and conditions.

The Following policy discloses the procedures, practices and measures undertaken by Livetech Support 4u for the protection of any data collected by Livetech Support 4u directly from you or on your behalf.

Plans and Process of LiveTech Support 4U

LiveTech Support 4U has integrated various plans for you as per your niche requirements in order to give you a better feel of our work. The plans which we offer can be categorized as:

  • Per Incidence Plan
  • Starter Plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Advance Plan

Here onwards you need to step ahead and choose the plan that exactly suits your requirements. Following are the steps for the same:

  • Selection of the plan
  • Registration for the plan
  • Pay for the plan
  • You need to mention your card details on our webpage
  • Renewal of your plan, post your request

You should keep this in mind that one plan is valid only for on computer, if you want to take in our services for another system. Then, you need to take in our services again for the second system.
Our services will only initiate once the payments is made in advance. Till then our tech team will not start working on your system.

Terms of Use

LiveTech Support4U offers support via phone or via remote control session over the internet. We establish remote control session, which can only be done once you agree to it and allow for the same. Without your permission we will not be able to get access of your computer.
Always remember that you shouldn’t do any kind of major troubleshooting or changes on your computer without informing us till the time your computer is in warranty with us.
LiveTech Support 4U will not be responsible for any kind of problems that may occur while you make changes, installations, updates, etc without informing us.

Elimination from the Services post validity

All the plans offered by LiveTech Support 4U comes with a validity span. Post the completion of your validity period we will not be responsible for your system which is registered with us.
We not support you in you have made certain modifications in your system without informing us.
In such cases we will not be able to help you on the broken system but will only be in a position to continue with support once you get the physical damage fixed or replace it with a new computer.

Refund Policy

LiveTech Support 4U’s refund policy will be practiced if our technicians fail to resolve your system and aren’t able to help you with solutions.
Money-Back policy for Per Incidence Plans is valid only for 5 days. This duration will be counted from the day first support provided by LiveTech Support 4U and not from the day of registration.
For all other subscription based plans tenure of the subscription for refund related purposes will be counted from the day of registration. For plans other than incidence we will refund the money in the case if you are not satisfied with our services. In this case you have to tell the genuine reason and give a chance to satisfy you if you are still not satisfied we will refund the money within 7 working days.

Usage Policy

LiveTech Support 4U respects your relations and tie-ups with us. We always try our best to satisfy you with our solutions for all kinds of technical issues related with your computer. It’s our request to take in our services only for the registered computers.
LiveTech Support 4U reserves all the rights to ban your services in case we feel that your calls are just to harass our staff and disturb them. In such a case, there will be no refund of your payment made to us.

Limitation to act

You agree that should there be any case where LiveTech Support 4U is held accountable for any reason, then in no case the liability of LiveTech Support 4U will be greater than the amount paid to LiveTech Support 4U for services purchased.
LiveTech Support 4U will not be held responsible for any kind of changes that will happen in your card in the middle of the transaction. We also preserve the right to call off, modify or upgrade our policies, which will be published on our website.


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Support for Antivirus

It’s better to seek out for support for antivirus that will overall help us to get all the antivirus things in places.

Support for Operating System

An Operating System is system software that governs all other software and also plays a vital role in maintain .

Support for Printer

Printers too are devices and need care as it is exposed to much wear and tear of all kinds throughout its workings.

Support for Routers

To get rid of all this and more, we require support for routers, which can let us enjoy hassle free internet features.

Support for Installation & Setup

it’s really important to look around for technical guides who can offer us effective support for installation and setup.

Support for Optimization

This optimization issues results in: slow speed of the system, hang ups, abnormal behaviors and many more.


LIVETECH SUPPORT 4U is an independent software technical support service provider for a large variety of third party products, brands and services. Any use of Trademarks, Brands, Products (ex. Printer, AVG, etc) and Services is referential and LIVETECH SUPPORT 4U has no affiliation with any of these third-party companies unless such relationship is expressly specified. The services we offer may also be available on the brand owners' websites. All the services and products we offer can be found and be performed by going on the manufacturers website.

Our Achievements

We always strive to content our customers with all kinds of technical assistance that they are looking forward from us.

350+ Clients Worked With
250+ Problems solution/Day
160+ Awards Won
1650+ Problem solved